effect of pressure and temperature on the quality of chia oil

  • Optimization and characterization of chia seed (Salvia hispanica L.) oil extraction using supercritical carbon dioxide - ScienceDirect

    Quality of chia seed (Salvia hispanica L.) oil obtained by supercritical carbon dioxide (SC−CO 2) is compared with Soxhlet extraction and commercial cold-pressed oil. Response surface methodology (RSM) was conducted to determine the effect of di

  • A complete evaluation of thermal and oxidative stability of chia oil | SpringerLink

    Chia (Salvia hispanica L.) seed oil is the richest natural source of α-linolenic acid, an n − 3 polyunsaturated fatty acid (ω-3 PUFA), contributing to its use as functional and nutraceutical food in large part of Latin America.

  • (PDF) The Promising Future of Chia Salvia hispanica L

    Response surface methodology (RSM) was conducted to determine the effect of different extraction parameters (pressure, temperature, and grinding time of chia seed) on chia seed oil yield.

  • Molecules | Free Full-Text | Chia Seeds (Salvia Hispanica L.): An Overview—Phytochemical Profile, Isolation Methods, and Application | HTML

    Ixtaina et al. [] studied the effect of temperature, pressure, and time on the SFE-CO 2 extraction of oil from Mexico based chia seeds. Authors obtained chia oil with the following characteristics: yield 92.8%, at 45 MPa, 80 °C, and 300 min.

  • Effect of microcapsules of chia oil on Ω-3 fatty acids, antioxidant characteristics and oxidative stability of butter | Lipids in Health and

    Chia (Salvia hispanica L.) produces about 35–40% superior quality edible oil and it contains about 60–65% ALA oil which can be used for the supplementation of foods without pre-processing, such as refining, bleaching and deodorization [].

  • Quantitative Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Analysis of Chia Seed Oil by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography | Journal of Chromatographic Science

    Application to chia seed oil samples The proposed method was applied to the analysis of ALA and LA in chia seed oil samples from four different locations (). The contents of ALA were in the range of 58.5–64.5% and LA were 19.3–21.2% of the

  • The Effect of Chia Seeds (Salvia hispanica L.) Addition on Quality and Nutritional Value of Wheat Bread - Hindawi

    The Effect of Chia Seeds (Salvia hispanica L.) Addition on Quality and Nutritional Value of Wheat Bread Daria Romankiewicz , 1 Waleed Hameed Hassoon , 2 , 3 Grażyna Cacak-Pietrzak , 1 Małgorzata Sobczyk , 1 Magdalena Wirkowska-Wojdyła , 4 Alicja

  • Effects of Temperature, Pressure, Preheating Time and Pressing Time on Rubber Seed Oil Extraction Using Hydraulic Press - ScienceDirect

    1/1/2014 · The highest rubber seed oil yield is from Run 14, using the following operating conditions: temperature = 60 o C, pressure = 120 bar, preheating time = 75 min and pressing time = 90 min, with the oil yield of 31.88%.

  • Low Or High Oil Pressure - Find Out If One Is Better Than The Other

    So, one of the biggest things that can affect oil pressure is temperature. As a result, multi-grade engine oils came out to even the playing field. Also, remember that the low or high pressure indicated on the gauge; is designed to show the

  • Relationship Between Pressure and Temperature - Pediaa.Com

    24/4/2018 · The relationship between pressure and temperature of a gas is stated by Gay-Lussac’s pressure temperature law. This law states that the pressure (P) of a fixed mass of gas held at a constant volume is directionally proportional to its Kelvin tem

  • How to Determine Engine Oil Quality - Machinery Lubrication

    13/4/2021 · Poor-quality engine oils are often put on the market due to ignorance or greed. Unfortunately, for the uninformed automobile owner, a high-quality engine oil and one of poor quality will look and feel the same. Engine and Bench Tests The engine

  • Compositional characteristics and oxidative stability of chia seed oil ( Salvia hispanica L) | Food Production, Processing and Nutrition | Full Text

    29/4/2020 · Abstract Fatty acid composition and triacylglycerols (TAG) profile of chia seed oil were determined. The main fatty acids present in the tested oil were α-linolenic acid (Ln, 61.1%) > linoleic acid (L, 16.6%) > palmitic acid (P, 6.7%) >

  • Temperature/Pressure on Solubility - Elmhurst University

    Temperature and Pressure Effects on Solubility Effect of Temperature on Solubility: The solubility of solutes is dependent on temperature. When a solid dissolves in a liquid, a change in the physical state of the solid analogous to melting takes

  • Fatty acids characterization, oxidative perspectives and consumer acceptability of oil extracted from pre-treated chia ( Salvia hispanica L

    20/9/2016 · Chia seed oil for each treatment was obtained by pressing the seeds in low temperature Mini Oil Presser (Model 6YL-550; china made) with capacity 2–3 kg/h. The extracted oil samples were stored in Tin cans of 1-kg capacity (0.20 mm sheet

  • Belgrave Oil and Gas Corp. - Steam Injection

    “The Effect of Temperature on Relative permeability of Consolidated Rocks”, SPE 4142, Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Oct. 8-11, 1972. Zhu, C., Zhang, F., and Zhou, J.Z.Q.: “An EOR Application @ Liaohe Oil Field in China – Tests of Pumping Flue Gas

  • Effect of high-pressure homogenization on droplet size distributions and rheological properties of model oil-in-water emulsions - ScienceDirect

    1/6/2000 · The effect of the oil phase concentration and the importance of premix quality are two of those important parameters. Pandolfe (1995) highlighted the fact that the conditions of premix, dispersed phase concentration, energy input and emulsifier

  • How Does Pressure Affect Espresso Quality? - Perfect Daily Grind

    How pressure is created in the Cafflano Kompresso. Credit: Cafflano Any time you make coffee, there are so many factors at play: the water source, temperature, bean freshness, roast profile, the passion of your barista… But if you want true

  • Effect of Pressing Techniques on Olive Oil Quality

    Oil obtained by the two-phase system was comparable to the oil obtained by the pressure process, but it had better quality characteristics than that of the three-phase decanter oil. They also found that oil obtained from the two-phase system has

  • Oil and Gas Industry Overview

    Oil Quality: API Gravity A crude oil's density is an important measure of its overall quality. This is because lighter oils are generally easier to produce and refine than heavy oils, and therefore tend to have higher value. Oil density is

  • Growth and yield of chia ( Salvia hispanica L.) in the Mediterranean and desert climates of Chile - Bioline International

    the crop due to variations in environmental temperature and day length to which it is exposed (Lobo et al., 2011). These conditions are mostly responsible for the potential yield and seed quality (Ayerza, 2010; 2011). Grain oil yield ranges from

  • Impact of Feed Properties and Operating Parameters on Delayed Coker Petcoke Quality

    Temperature, F 910 - 930 925 - 950 925 - 950 Pressure, psig 15 typical 18 – 60+ 50 – 90+ Recycle Ratio 0 - 5% typical 0 – 50%+ 60 – 120%+ Coking Time, hours 9 -18 24 36 •Higher Temp lower coke VCM content •Low Pressure higher liquid yields /

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    19/2/2021 · High oil pressure can actually also be bad for your car engine. Here are the 7 most common causes of high oil pressure and what symptoms you can look for. If the oil changes haven’t been done properly in your car through the years, it may have

  • Effect of microcapsules of chia oil on Ω-3 fatty acids, antioxidant characteristics and oxidative stability of butter

    RESEARCH Open Access Effect of microcapsules of chia oil on Ω-3 fatty acids, antioxidant characteristics and oxidative stability of butter Rahman Ullah1, Muhammad Nadeem1*, Muhammad Imran2, Muhammad Kamran Khan2, Zarina Mushtaq2, Muhammad Asif3

  • How Temperature Affects Lubricants - Machinery Lubrication

    13/4/2021 · The primary physical characteristics of lubricants that are affected by temperature include viscosity, viscosity index, pour point and the base oil. Let's deal with these individually. The viscosity of an oil has been said to be the most

  • Article: The effect of surrounding temperature on liquefied petroleum gas behaviour during exhaustion process Journal: International Journal of

    International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology 2010 Vol.3 No.2 Title: The effect of surrounding temperature on liquefied petroleum gas behaviour during exhaustion process Authors: Zainal Zakaria, Azeman Mustafa Addresses: Gas Engineering

  • Understanding Pressure and Temperature in the context of Pressure Vessel Design – What Is Piping

    Guidelines for Design Temperature After pressure, it is important to understand the different term in the context of temperature Operating Temperature (OT): The OT is the temperature that prevails inside equipment and piping during the

  • 11 Proven Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

    Chia seeds are among the healthiest foods on the planet. They’re loaded with nutrients that can have important benefits for your body and brain. Here are 11 health benefits of chia

  • Aroma-therapeutic effects of massage blended essential oils on humans - PubMed

    The blended essential oil consisted of lavender and bergamot oils. Human autonomic parameters, i.e. blood pressure, pulse rate, breathing rate, and skin temperature, were recorded as indicators of the arousal level of the autonomic nervous


    Effect What to do Change in oil or oil brand. If it is the same type of oil (SAE and standards), you should not see any effect. If the pressure varies, check the pressure gauge and see if there is anything clogging the system. The engine may

  • Thermolysis of High-Density Polyethylene to Petroleum Products - Hindawi

    The effect of temperature and the type of reactor on the pyrolysis of HDPE has been studied, and some of the results are reviewed. Wallis and Bhatia have done the thermal degradation of high-density polyethylene in a reactive extruder at various

  • The Promising Future of Chia, Salvia hispanica L.

    This effect is contributed by the presence of phenolic acid and omega 3/6 oil in the chia seed. Although the presence of active ingredients in chia seed warrants its health benefits, however, the safety and efficacy of this medicinal food or

  • Extraction of Mucilage from Chia Seeds and its Application as Fat Replacer in Biscuits – IJERT

    Chia seed hydration capacities were determined under room temperature conditions (26C). Seed to water ratio is maintained at 1: 40. In a 100 ml beaker, 40 ml of distilled water is taken into which sample of 1 gm of chia seeds were placed

  • Density of Liquids versus change in Pressure and Temperature

    oil : 1.5 10 9 (N/m 2) Note! Bulk modulus for liquids varies with pressure and temperature. Bulk modulus for water - Imperial Units Bulk modulus for Water - SI units Density of a fluid changing both Temperature and Pressure The density of a flui

  • Effect of reactor inlet temperature in a hydrotreater

    Sep-2018 Effect of reactor inlet temperature in a hydrotreater Solving a problem of pressure drop in a naphtha hydrotreater led to fresh insights into the role of reactor inlet temperature. Article Summary In a petroleum refinery, a catalytic

  • Freezing point depression and boiling point elevation: the effects of solutes and of pressure - University of New South Wales

    At 0 C and 100 C, the order effect and the energy effect are exactly balanced, and so ice and water co-exist at 0 C, water and steam coexist at 100 C (at atmospheric pressure). The crystalline structure of ice is rather difficult to show in two

  • Repeatedly Heated Vegetable Oils and Lipid Peroxidation | IntechOpen

    14/11/2011 · During frying, food is immersed in hot oil at a high temperature of 150 C to 190 C. The heat and mass transfer of oil, food and air that occurs during deep frying produces the unique and desirable quality of fried foods [].

  • Oil Deodorising: New Technologies and Solutions to Improve Final Edible Oil Quality - IChemE

    29/7/2019 · followed by bleaching with BE (Oil- Dri Pure Flo B-80), at 105 C, 50 mbar, 30 min, & then filtered (1% for good-excellent; 1.5% average -poor quality)-Deodorization: dual temperature deodorization at 240 C for 10 min followed by 220 C for

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    This subsection takes a look at the impact of raw materials, processing and bulk storage on the quality of orange juice according to Figure 4.1.Considerations involved in maintaining the highest possible product quality during processing are

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    T he viscosity of an oil changes - dependant on the temperature, the pressure, and the actual shear stress on the oil as a result of flowing between moving components. The viscosity of the engine oil will depend on whether the oil is, for exampl

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    Pressure gauge failure can be attributed to one or more of these eight reasons: mechanical vibration, pulsation, extreme temperature, pressure spikes, overpressure, corrosion, clogging, and mishandling/abuse. Pressure gauges are an integral part